Chloromed 150mg/g Oral Powder for Pigs

Chloromed 150mg/g oral powder is an antibiotic powder containing Chlortetracycline hydrochloride and is indicated as an aid in the treatment of respiratory disease in pigs caused by micro-organisms sensitive to Chlortetracycline. Chlortetracycline has a broad spectrum of activity against gram positive aerobes, gram negative anaerobes and mycoplasmas.


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Dose & Administration

20mg of Chlortetracycline per kg bodyweight for seven days as a divided dose

Equivalent dose of Chloromed Premix

133mg of Chloromed per kg bodyweight for seven days;
20g of Chloromed per 150kg bodyweight for seven days. (This dose should be given as a divided dose, for example: 10 g morning and 10g evening)

Treatment Guide

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Please Read Carefully

Bodyweight (kg) – Pig Daily amount (g) of Chloromed 150 Dose (g) – to be given TWICE daily
15kg 2g 1g
30kg 4g 2g
60kg 8g 4g
75kg 10g 5g
150kg 20g 10g

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